The Center for Research, Education & Simulation Enhanced Training (CRESENT) has started gradually since the establishment of KFMC. The Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) established with the Faculty of Medicine in order to provide the students with the needed training as long with the curriculum. It was actually a lab where the students can find a place to practice the professional skills, and some of general clinical examination such as basic procedures.

On the other hand, Life Support Training Center (LSTC) was established to deliver life support courses to KFMC staff. Nursing simulation was also established around the same time to tailor for nursing training. In June 2015, all simulation activities were unified under CRESENT. Now CRESENT is equipped with all needed methods of simulation to train of all the undergraduates and postgraduate learners of various healthcare specialties.

Vision:  To be the benchmark in simulation-based education in the region and beyond.

Mission:  To provide simulation based education at KFMC and beyond in order to improve clinical care, patient safety and quality metrics, and to conduct research in simulation curriculum development and simulation technologies