Post Partum hemorrhage Simulation

Basic obstetric background knowledge and skills expected in trainees prior to receiving training in the target course. This will further consolidate the previously acquired knowledge of low and high-risk obstetrical management.

Practice and improve the more challenging technical skills, which will be needed in his/her obstetrical practice. This will include breech deliveries, forceps, delivery of multiple gestation, complicated cesarean sections, etc.

Acquire the necessary experience to be comfortable managing difficult obstetrical cases by being responsible for the entire L&D unit and directly participating in all important management decisions as well as the necessary medical and surgical treatments.
Improve his/her ability to be a potential leader and educator by being responsible for teaching medical students and house staff and directly supervising.

Further improve other useful obstetrical skills and add these to his/her armamentarium. This could include basic ultrasound, external cephalic versions and maturity amniocentesis

Trainee level targeted by the course:

Residents, medical students, midwives

labor room, antenatal, postpartum nurses.