Adult Airway Management Course


Every intubation can be a difficult intubation. This course will provide hands-on experience to manage common and complex airway situations. Each participant will have the opportunity to review the fundamental skills of intubation, identify exam findings associated with a difficult airway, experience advanced tools for management of airway, and work together to solve airway problems in a high fidelity, clinically simulated environment using scenarios developed from real life cases.


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Demonstrate clinical skills of competent performance of management of simulated patient with difficult airway
Be familiar with various types of equipment, tools and devices used in the management of patients with difficult airways
Recognize risk factors, physical exam findings, and clinical situations associated with a difficult airways
Handle situations involving patients with difficult airways in an effective way.


The course is two days course and is conducted four times every year.

Number of instructors/trainees/capacity of the program:

The course maximum capacity is 24 candidates; they will be supervised by one course director and four instructors.

Program design:

Our simulation program combines evidence-based medicine with technologically advanced simulation education techniques and hands-on learning to Provide advanced, hands-on, clinical education experiences for participants from a wide scope of practices, Integrate a variety of task-trainers, low- and high-fidelity simulators, and actual medical devices to provide optimal learning opportunities.

The course uses audiovisual tools to enhance presentations and record the events. Simulated critically ill patient’s room (i.e. ICU) fully equipped with the needed equipment and high fidelity manikins.

Admission criteria:

The course targeted all physicians in critical areas, anesthesia, surgeons, and Emergency department. Critical care nurses, paramedics, EMT’s and respiratory therapists.