Central-line under Ultrasound Guidance


This course teaches physicians how to safely insert central venous catheters Under Ultrasound guidance. The learner is introduced to basic ultrasound functions and to central venous anatomy. Hands -on sessions on volunteers are conducted to learn the anatomy followed by insertion of central lines in the subclavian, internal jugular and femoral veins under ultrasound guidance utilizing special phantoms.


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate clinical skills of competent performance of central venous access under ultrasound guidance with supervision and advance to independent performance.
  • Describe the indications, contraindications, specific technical aspects of the procedure, interpretation of results and complications.
  • Demonstrate ability in medical decision making based on interpretation of ultrasound finding.
  • Work with others on interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary teams
  • Demonstrate respect and compassion to assure patient’s understanding of the procedure


The course is one day course and is conducted six times every year.

Number of instructors/trainees/capacity of the program:

The course maximum capacity is 20 candidates; they will be supervised by one course director and four instructors.

Program design:

Our simulation program combines evidence-based medicine with technologically advanced simulation education techniques and hands-on learning to provide advanced, hands-on, clinical education experiences for participants from a wide scope of practices, virtual simulators, blue phantoms and actual medical devices to provide optimal learning opportunities. The course uses audiovisual tools to enhance presentations and record the events.

Admission criteria:

The course targeted:

  • Practicing ICU physicians
  • Practicing Anesthesia physicians
  • Residents and fellows in ICU, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Anesthesia, Pediatrics and Surgery