Neurovascular Intervention Simulation Course

The Neurovascular Simulation Course is an interactive course designed to provide the health care provider with basic knowledge and skills through trainings that offers a viable alternative to bridge the gap in experience and knowledge of our residents and fellows.

Training within proficiency–based, virtual reality training programs can increase competency and reduce errors and complications during the real situation.

The simulation laboratory in KFMC will provide a high–quality graphics and realistic tactics that can give trainees a unique skill set, required by these residents and fellows.


The program is designed for Neurology and Neurosurgery residents and fellows and Radiology Residents and Fellows.

This curriculum integrates the following critical outcomes:

  1. Understand the Basic Normal Anatomy for the aortic arch, carotid and vertebral arteries.
  2. Identify significant indications for Carotid and Cerebral Angiography, and its limitations.
  3. Identify various angiography tools: catheters, wires, setup, contrast and medications.
  4. Interpret basic anatomy and pathology of the cerebral circulation
  5. Develop basic intervention techniques
  6. Discus the up-to-date policies on radiation safety